CROSSBOUNDARY 2 - SCENA 2 DI SYNECDOCHISM II for tenor recorder solo [Digitale]

Autore: Chikage, Imai
Numero di catalogo: 018-0191
Disponibilità: Disponibile
Pagine: 6
Formato: Formato Digitale A4
Strumentazione: Recorder solo
Richiedi informazioni acquisto:

“Waveform” in the title is meant four kinds of the sound shape as sing, square, triangle and sawtooth. I picked the each character of these forms and translated them into the timbres and sound movements as following. In the timbre term, Sign: pure sound by the instrument, Square: the pure sound with voice by the different pitch, Triangle: the pure sound with voice by the same pitch, Sawtooth: multiphonic. In the movement term, Sing: ascending and descending straightly, Square: skip, Triangle: up and down scale as united motion, Sawtooth: repeating one directional motion. I composed those materials arbitrary in the piece as if the music goes organically and created very fine motions to represent a continuous intensity from the beginning to the end of the piece. Thus intensity improves the concentration of the audience.

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