CONTRAST per pianoforte solo [Digitale]

Autore: Kao, Kaiyi
Numero di catalogo: 019-0217
Disponibilità: Disponibile
Pagine: 3
Formato: Formato Digitale ottimizzato per la stampa A4
Strumentazione: Pianoforte
Richiedi informazioni acquisto:

Contrast, with experimental as a starting point. Through the different playing techniques of the piano, the contrast of different sounds is presented and so named for it. The contrast techniques used in this piece, such as: key playing and string plucking, heavy chords and single-line ornaments, continuous sound in horizontal and running figures in a loop. Contrast have no traditional time signatures either bar restrictions. Instead, it is based on the division of the structure, the combination of sound values and time. In addition to the contrast of the playing techniques, also generated the sound changes between actual and illusory with different pedals, etc. The piece expresses different sound contrast patterns as well as different reverberation effects. Contrast, although there is no obvious curved frame, the end of this piece has similarities with the beginning, echoing each other.

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