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Diaphonia Edizioni, in collaboration with XelmYa+ trio, is proud to announce the winners of call for score 2017.

We received lots of score and all of a high quality level, so it was a hard work for jury to select the winner score.
And the winners are:


Olga Victorova – De tenebris for alto recorder, english horn and violin
Wil Pertz – Dark energy 27 for great bass recorder, oboe and violin
Nirmali Fenn – A reaction in force for oboe
Chikage Imai – Crossboundary 2 <waveform> for tenor recorder
Louis Aguirre – Toque a Ochosi for solo amplified violin

First performance of these pieces will be in Barcellona P.G. the 17th of June 2017 at 8:00 pm.
The event will be broadcast live via facebook, so we invite you to subscribe to Diaphonia Edizioni Facebook page to follow it.


Considering the number and the high artistic value of received score the jury decided to award a prize to the following pieces

1. Lillie Harris – Dormientes Bestia for great bass recorder and elettronic

2. Ailìs Nì Rìain – Soundless for violin, oboe and tenor recorder

3. Lorenzo Di Vora – Nel mondo di un solo colore for violin

4. Sina Fallahzadeh – Oxus for violin

5. Paolo Geminiani – From gesture to sound for soprano recorder, oboe and violin

6. Alexandros Georgiadis – Quiet for recorder, oboe and violin

7. Daniel Grantham - Enact direct escape for violin, oboe and recorder

8. Carlos Hernandez – Moirai for violin and elettronic

9. Takuya Imahori – Lago ondeggiante nel vento for oboe and reverber device

10. Gaetano Lorandi – Uno spicchio di luna si sfoglia nei tuoi occhi for solo violin

11. Mark Yeats – Observation 1.8 for bass recorder, oboe and violin

12. Morgan Krauss - A standstill sick with rapid faults for violin

13. Oktawia Paczkowska – Reconfiguretions for recorder and elettronic

14. Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler – Wassermusik for violin, english horn and contrabass recorder in C

15.Aida Shirazi - One Day The Bird Will Be Free for violin

These scores will be published and performed in future concert by XelmYa+ trio.